Thursday, May 12, 2016

Big ideas easy

Big ideas easy

Clean river 
Nature show
Peace club

Are you going to be okay?

This is me just begun

Monday hardcore money 
Tuesday cloud box 
Pay with card eyes

beyond kinder

Do the mashed potato
To try to inspire God 
Dump computer

Arm of the sea theater

Neuronic Coagulator

Both grandfathers'
bathroom ritual

There was an Omni 
potent on mission being
the one thing you would want 
to create one thing you couldn't now
and that is what happens 
when you live free will

Thread music self
April elephant pumpkin seeds

There is a way to go through the day 
without ever becoming angry

The way I look at bridges

Pink petal-strewn courts 

What's the point
Point is to look hard 

Jerk awake with adrenaline to write down
Trained self in dream to wake up 
and write down
Matter of micro moments
They took the highroad 
and now I feel doubly guilty
I blocked up traffic and nobody honked 

Tattooed man
Honeycomb Gospel
yardbirds leyenda

A man walks down the street with a t-shirt that says,
"Your weakness sickens me"

A man passes him walking the opposite way with a t-shirt that says,
"Your derision thrills me"

What should I do next?

"Clearly the music is more 
than can be imagined.
It can be heard."
- Phil Schaap 89.9

"There was a famous dancer, Ulanova, and she was asked what her dream would be and she answered, if I could dance for one minute...perfectly...that is all I would ever ask." Marlon Brando. 

What I do nearly every day, imperfectly.

It's one way us guys 
can take back the night


They moan I,
Says Simone white

"I was the fossilized lightening bolt..."

Stranger in Moscow
Velvet pizza underground
Kava mugwort Damiana
Vape culture

Fog culture

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

more for moore

Here's the salient fact. I was sending a message to Thurston Moore, letting him know that I wanted to get my book Wherewithal to him, edited by Anselm Berrigan. What I really wanted was to ask him to help me with my Sound and Vision project, but since he doesn't know me from Adam, I thought I'd lead with the book. He said he'd be at Anselm's reading tonight and I could give it to him there. That's an interesting coincidence right there. And I'm going to throw in the fact that Thurston and Anselm read almost exactly in the same tone. Sometimes I think Thurston copped his style from Anselm, but I know it's probably mutually borrowed. But there's an unmistakable connection once you hear it. I told Thurston I couldn't make it, but would send one along. Then I said, "as an aside, if you have HBO watch Magnolia again. I just finished re-watching it right now, and so it is lying heavy on me, which is why I'm mentioning it. The different ways the catharsis happens for each character within a single song is genius. Cheers and keep up the good work." I felt a little odd about even saying that, not wanting to come across as overly eager to a superstar. Right as I had that thought the closing song of Magnolia began to play, "Save me," by Aimee Mann, and I heard the melodic opening strain of the Carpenter's song "Superstar" embedded in middle of the song. Crazy. Sweet touch. It's at 3:02:00. In my mind I immediately heard Thurston Moore's cover of that same song in my mind. It broke through the fourth dimension. And of course that movie is in part about infidelity, which Thurston is now famous for. And if he watches the movie again he may wonder why. And even the poem in the book dedicated to Thurston is secretly about infidelity. And he may wonder about that too. And my friend is going through a similar struggle, and we all do to some degree or other, and I'm trying to understand.