Monday, September 5, 2016

Hart Hits The Koop

Hart Hits The Koop

The beer of some dear friends
is made with sheer hops
(the will-'o-the-wisp
in the lion's den)
with happiness and bliss
so real and intense
it's like new love.

The holy drunk at
the happy dumb show,
a way to agree, three
and you're full, four
and the keys to
the universe are yours.

A memory can be
erased forever? So then
do it again! Men in black
erased your memory, an epic day,
somebody happened, but who?

The bartender's listening,
she doesn't want too many
question marks or
exclamation points.

She pours us another beer
and then the archer,
the flickering candle,
and the point of the arrow
finally arrives.

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