Saturday, October 1, 2016

poem as business plan

10 Ideas

1. To write down 10 ideas.

2. To follow through on those ideas. Now there's an idea.

3. Like this one: start a Mixtape festival. A saturday matinee of a mixtape worth of videos.

4. Talk Museum of Modern Image to give me a monthly series called "Mixtape: The Movie"

5. If MOMI won't do it, go to the SculptureCenter, then PS. 1, etc.

6. Finale of each MIxtape Movie=live musicians playing an original soundtrack for a video.

7. Week one might look like this (in handwritten titles.)

     Side One

1. Luluc Small Window
2. Bon Iver, God, 29
3. Bon Iver #Stutford Apts
4. Bon Iver, Creeks
5. Visit, I Don't Want to Die
6. Bonnie Prince Billy, Quail and Dumplings


    Side Two

1. play audio of Bonnie Prince Billy telling the story on KWFMU about showing up at Zach Galifianakis house after walking out of a Vipassana retreat and ending up in a Kanye Kanye West video
2. Kanye West (featuring Bonnie Prince Billy)
3. Kanye West (featuring Bon Iver)  
4. Kanye ballet
5. Die Antwoord, Banana
6. Die Antwoord, Freaky

   Bonus Track: Flushing Remonstrance playing live to Kenneth Anger film.

8. For season 2, Mixtape shows curated by visual artists I admire: (Thurston Moore, David Byrne, Bjork, etc.)

9. Season 2, beginning January 2018, go national by beaming Mixtape to indie theaters, think global. Why not? Make your living curating video art.

10. Share what you love and live free.

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