Tuesday, January 10, 2017

7 day challenge: day 2

Woke Up Like This

My body disappeared away I turned
Away into the night like a thief had
Taken me away a ghost his prey I
Feel it don't feel it a surge of negative
Energy for one disappearing instant
An ember floating up out of a fire
A shooting star in reverse a speck
Going dark and then poof it's black
I speak but can't hear myself at all
Sound in a vacuum no room any
More you there next to me no more
Me I can't breathe nothing to breathe
Even the air has disappeared I suck
In with failing force until I suck myself
Inside out not even smoke comes out
Silence not a sound no matter not
Even nothing no trace left except you
Possibly as if I knew a few black lines
On a page of digitized air until a solar
Flare zaps the cloud and then even
this no longer there to feel any more

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