Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sir Sushi and Big Hair

Sir Sushi and Big Hair

Lucia points out the sushi's still left out from last night.

"Well, hello Sir Sushi, how did you sleep?"

Sofia says, "there's a Shopkin called Sir Sushi!"

I say "That reminds me of Sans Souci

which is latin for 'without worries.'

Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead

(who you used to call the Grateful Dad)

had "Sans Souci" written above his doorway.

We should listen to 'American Beauty' right now."

We turn on Spotify and start "Box of Rain."

"Can you read the writing on the album cover?"

"No, It's too small." So we look up the album cover

on Google Images, enlarge and trace the letters.

Sofia "swips" the screen to the next image:

a photo of the Dead on the back side of the album.

Who's the guy with the big hair and beard she asks?

"That's Jerry Garcia, the guy with 'Sans Souci.'"

She says, "from now on I'm gong to call him Big Hair."

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