Tuesday, August 8, 2017

little ditty about jack and coke

I don't know why I keep rhythm on this thing
is a line I've used before
before long i'll have to 
jettison it
to Hawaii
the land of sky blue water
or was that Wisconsin?

clever writing's dead
unless it lives forever
in the aesthetic rectory
the sept of revery
where I've been thinking
nothing gets its due
except sorcery and drool

narrative is only as alive
as it is new, and only new
as you haven't yet seen it 
go that way 

Go that way
and you go back 
and forth, 
Like a jedi with a lithp.

Odd anger at O'hara's killer
on Fire Island where he visits 
and consoles himself 
through me

I've got to write it up.

I've got to write it up, the screenplay
sent it to Thurston Moore
have to send it to Ron Padgett. 


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