Monday, July 14, 2014


Today I went to the Bronx zoo with the girls and saw giraffes and monkeys.

On the way there Sofia said, "Broccoli is Spanish for Brooklyn."

She also said Honeywell was her new favorite street. 

Where did you get Honeywell from I asked her?

She didn't know.

But when we got to the zoo I saw, to my great surprise, Honeywell Street, directly perpendicular to the park.

Later I was telling this to my friend Melissa Ivey. I said it was a curious coincidence and what did it mean? Then I remembered that Melissa had just said earlier this afternoon said she really loved honey, really loved a lot of it in her tea. Then it hit me, she loves her "honeywell."

I explained my theory to her about the fourth dimension, the bending of all the angles of space together, all the corners of the cube matched up with the other corners. Like putting a square peg in a round hole.

When I passed Honeywell St. the angles folded together there. I didn't know why until catching this new clue, this new angle, Mel's love of honey. Honey makes you well is one moral of this story. 

Then after leaving the park I realized I left the double stroller behind, packed up the girls and just left it there on the side of the road. When I called the zoo the manager said it was gone. I felt bad about losing the stroller, like somehow I had failed my children.

Later I asked Melissa if she had any idea why I might have forgotten the stroller and she said maybe it went to a family that really needed it. Of course, and this isn't even a stretch to imagine in the Bronx. I felt better about it.

Later that night Mel and I went to see Ron Padgett read at St. Mark's in the Bowery. It was a fantastic reading. But even more fantastic was that afterward Arlo Quint gave me a hard-back copy of Ron's Toujours L'amour AND The Collected Writing of Joe Brainard. What a generous gift. Thank you, Arlo!

Melissa pointed out that maybe the books were somehow in exchange for the stroller. Makes perfect nonsense.

Finally, after the reading, on the way back to Queens we met up with our girl, Amma.

What a ruse!

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