Monday, July 14, 2014

7 Year Green Pen

I woke up inside my dream this morning while looking at a very green hill of grass. I couldn't believe how real the grass looked in my dreaming mind, couldn't believe it was just a dream. I was wishing for a way to capture it, some way to write it all down and take it into my waking life. A Zach Galafianakis type character popped into the frame and pointed toward the hill. "The pen is on the other side," he said with an impish gleam in his eyes. So I started walking up the hill and, consequently, woke up. Then, during breakfast, Genevieve George gave me a gift for our 7 year anniversary and it was a green pen.

"I don't know why it feels important for everyone to know that it was a 7 year pen - which can write an average of 5.5 feet per day for 7 years before running out of ink!" --Genevieve 

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