Thursday, January 1, 2015


Dear Alice

Why are you writing to me?
No reason to convince 
or respect, or even for me 
to convince you there is no reason, 
but interest me yes so far 
as truth is beauty does,
So far as interest means glue. 
Interest is not just for boys is it?
It's coded  in our chromesomes.

I can stand your voice 
In tones of bursting out
until my legs fall off my ears,
Ringing like shattered glass,
But I still will never have it.
I'll become it or other,
Maybe, but not here.

The destroyer/preserver card
Is a hard card to hold but I'm still
Reading aren't I? Thank you, sir
may I have another? I am
Changing it up altogether.

I will sit down 
In the pines and whiff
The Needles of 
Clear forests until
I'm inside the ascent.

Everything, even this
Refusal of weakness.

You feature him who
Will come with you
If you want him too.

His own dead eyes
Lit up in a rat.

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